As I am brand new to the Charlotte area I am looking for models for personal projects.

I tend to work with real people more than professional models.

Some things I look for:
-You are comfortable matter what your body type
-You have no bad attitude or drama
-You aren’t afraid to be expressive
-You are willing to go a step further for a great shot!
-You are not afraid of cold water, nature, public run-arounds
-You have an interesting wardrobe
-You want to make artistic images..not just a pretty picture

Most importantly I want to work with people I truly like…:)

Contact me if you think we would work well together..I am limited on the amount of trade work I can do so I will only work TF with people I feel I can create incredible images with. This isn’t about simply having a pretty face. Please do not feel bad if I am not able to work with you at this time. I only have limited time available for personal projects.

I do help models create images for their portfolios as well for a reasonable fee.