Toby rocks, but cancer sucks..Help out!

Toby is a super awesome guy in a not so awesome situation.
He was recently diagnosed with stage 2 rectal cancer. He has no insurance and needs treatment NOW.
I am not losing any more friends and family to cancer. Please help if you can.

You can donate at his page on Give Foward or paypal him directly  at

If you want some goodies for helping out you can:

1. Download this track by Nous1a. All the collected money from this download will fund and help finance the treatment of Toby’s cancer.

2. Download this track by Fractured Transmission. All the collected money from this download will fund and help finance the treatment of Toby’s cancer.

3. You an also bid on auctions at the Fundraiser event page on facebook.

4. Also you can get free photographs of Toby from me.

Donate $5 and get a free print ready  5 by 7 download of your choice of one of these images.
Donate $20 and get an 8 by 10 to 8 by 12 (depends on crop) print (mailed to you) of your choice of one of these images.
Donate $50 and get a 11 by 14 print (mailed to you) of your choice of one of these images.
Donated $100 and get an 8 by 10 canvas of  your choice of one of these images.

Hell donate $20 and up and you can have whichever of my available prints you would like.:)
Again..all proceeds will fund and help finance the treatment of Toby’s cancer.

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Toby has cancer, but not insurance. As a single male, medicaid isn’t an option. Help us get him the treatment he desperately needs.

Toby has been diagnosed with ~Stage 2 Malignant Rectal Cancer.

One has to admire someone like Toby, who has continued to work modestly despite incredible pain.

“I make less than $30k a year but love my job and don’t want to leave it. Most state aided help and/or going the disabled to get Medicare route would all require I leave my job.”

Toby actually made less than $25k last year, yet still desires to keep his job. He i just one of many who are uninsured. To qualify for the 133% Federal Poverty requirement to get Arizona state healthcare as a single male with no children, he’d have to stop working – rendering him unable to pay his bills. He cannot use FMLA, because he works for a small business.

At the onset of this project, Toby so far hadn’t even been able to raise over half of the cost of his current medical bills – and he hasn’t even begun treatment.

“As far as my current doc bills go. We have raised about 1500 of
3k and i am really hoping we can get that taken care of before more bills or unexpected things come about. The Food change is already costing me/us a lot to figure out and whatnot. Besides truly healthy eating just being more expensive in general.”

If you’ve ever budgeted on less than $30k, you know there’s not room for more than the essentials. Yet, he still does whatever he can to eat healthy – because right now, that’s the only treatment he’s getting. No matter your political stance, you know that this kind of negligent policy has no place in our country.

The cost of treating early-stage colon cancer is roughly $30,000 a patient. Contrast this with the cost of treating late-stage colon cancer, which is a staggering $120,000 per patient. (source:

If you aren’t aware, cancer is first staged at 0 and goes up to 4.

Toby desperately needs treatment now. Each day that passes without treatment his condition becomes more life-threatening. It’s not hard to see why people who barely know him have already given to the cause.

Our system is letting Toby down. We hope you join our message that he’s the kind of person that deserves help when it’s nowhere to be found.

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Holiday Print Special

I am running a print sale until 11/29
Any of my work that you like!! :)

Regular Prints: 8×10 – $20.00, 11×14 – $30.00, 16×20 – $50.00, 20×30 – $80.00

Metallic Prints: 8×10 – $25.00, 11×14 – $35.00, 16×20 – $55.00, 20×30 – $85.00

I can also get you awesome canvases and metal mountings that are super beautiful. Drop me a line :)

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Better Late Than Never

Some maternity shots of April and Penelope we  did together a few months back…I love these ladies :)



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Library Vixen

I was kindly featured today on Library Vixen.

You can find the feature HERE..


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Allow Nudity on Pinterest

I started a petition to allow art nudes on Pinterest.
Feel free to sign at

Allow artistic nudes on Pinterest.

At this time Pinterest does not allow art nudes on Pinterest. In fact nudity is lumped in with hateful content and content that encourages people to hurt themselves.
We ask Pinterest to change this policy and allow art nudes. It would be quite simple to allow a check box for mature content so no one would need to see it if they chose not to.


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Sadisco Redux

Found some old photographs of Toby from the first Sadisco photo shoot. Played with some new edits.


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